City Centre Living

I absolutely love that I work right around the corner from City Centre.  There is so much to do in this mixed-use complex, and every time I’m there it is always buzzing with activity.  There are so many different restaurants, from Yard House to Eddie V’s, and a ton of shops.  I’m a sucker for Sur la Table, I can’t not go in.  It’s definitely worth the 20-minute drive (depending on traffic) from Katy.  I recently met a client who wanted to live in an apartment there.  There are 5 luxury apartment buildings that are in the complex, as well as a few that are just a short drive away.  They’ve all been built well and have double-paned windows so once you’re inside the units, you can hardly tell you’re by a busier area.  All of the units are extremely clean and have pretty similar amenities: on-site gyms, upgraded finishes, concierge service, etc.

In the heart of City Centre is the Domain.  One of the first complexes that was built in the area, you can walk out of the lobby door and be at shops and restaurants in seconds.  It’s right next to Lifetime Fitness, but it does still have a full gym.  In fact, they also have a yoga studio and offer classes three times a week!  Rents here can start a little higher, just because of the prime location.  If you’re looking for the ultimate City Centre living experience, this would definitely rank very high on my list.

The Lofts are just down the street, and is a great option if you want a central location, but are looking to spend a little bit less.  They have two buildings, an East and a West.  The East is where I would prefer to be because it’s on the interior of City Centre.  The West is still a great location, it’s just closer to the Beltway.  This is the only complex that includes Cable and Internet in the monthly rent.  If you pay a little more per month you can get their premium lease which includes a Lifetime Fitness Membership.  They do have a gym in their West building, but no pool (hence the gym membership).  Overall, a really good choice if you want to get into City Centre on a tighter budget.

Behind the Lofts you’ll find Ascent.  It’s a smaller building compared to the other complexes, but it really is beautiful.  I love their pool area, it feels so secluded and like you’re at a resort hotel.  They have a fitness center of course, and a really nice dining area that you can rent if you’re entertaining a large group.  One of the appeals of Ascent is simply the size of the units.  The one bedroom I toured felt huge!  And I loved the fixtures, very clean and modern.

If you head north from Ascent, you’ll find the Pearl.  This complex is also made up of two buildings, and is a little further away. However, they do have a complimentary shuttle that runs every 30 minutes to City Centre on Thursday and Friday nights, and all day on Saturday and Sunday. They have a ton of great amenities, including a boardroom you can reserve for free if you wanted to have a work meeting from home.  (It’s also set up for video conferencing!)

The newest complex in the area is the Alexan, and it is huge!  They have three towers and are almost done with construction, they just started leasing.  This complex really feels like a hotel to me.  They have a Sky Lounge that you can rent for entertaining, as well as another rental space on one of the main floors.  I could so see a bachelorette party getting ready to hit the town up there, or even a group just watching the game.  The pool is almost done being built and it looks like it will be lovely.

If you’re willing to drive just a little further, I would recommend taking a look at Ascension on the Bayou.  It’s just south of Memorial Dr., and it’s also brand new.  They plan on having a shuttle service as well, but they’re still working out the details, just because they don’t many tenants yet.  They have a great outdoor space, and a gate that will take you right onto the walking trails of Terry Hershey Park.  In their lobby they have a huge staircase that also functions as seating for their “amphitheater.”  They have a projector that can play movies or the football game on a huge back wall.

I haven’t had a chance to tour District on Memorial or The Slate yet, but they both look beautiful as well.  They’re both just a short drive to City Centre, and you can get into them for a little bit cheaper than if you were on site.

There are so many great living options in the Memorial area.  You can’t go wrong with any of these apartments!


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